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2012 –Prediction + Calculators



The end of the world in 2012 is postponed. At least on a planetary scale. However, there will be catastrophic earthquakes and numerous other natural disasters in some regions. Social tension will build up; there will be a lot of riots and commotion. The sun in 2012 will be in a period of intensive solar activity. At times of solar activity, when magnetic storms are even stronger, human immunity against viruses drops, magnetic storms thicken blood, the number of heart attacks and strokes increases, mental depressions become more frequent i.е., the rate of death and mental diseases will go up. Against the background of such intensified solar activity and the dangers it hides for our health and life, given that the mankind is suffocating with the economic, political and spiritual crisis, 2012 appears to be the year of storms magnetic, economic, political and social. Don’t you say that our life depends entirely and solely on us. Because we are inseparably connected to the Outer Space, and our life depends most of all on the Sun, and the Moon. Here you can see the magnetic storms per day: 


Magnetic storms online

  Is there a connection between magnetic storms and earthquakes? Most probably YES, however this relation has not been studied yet. Here you can find out about the earthquakes in the last seven days: 

Latest Earthquakes in the World - Past 7 days


DANGEROUS DAYS These are the days when the likelihood of major natural disasters is the highest. You can find out about them here: 



CALCULATOR for the arrangement of planets on a date you choose at random. 

PHASES OF THE MOON – A CALCULATOR for the period 1900-2100

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c0/Lunar_libration_with_phase2.gif/200px-Lunar_libration_with_phase2.gifSince ancient times people have been aware that the Moon does not only affect the ebb and flow, but also influences humans, animals and plants. They believed that the full Moon made men strong, and the women affectionate, that a child conceived during a waxing moon will be a boy, and during a waning a girl. Centuries ago, the fishermen noticed that the catch of certain sorts of fish depended on the phases of the Moon. When is the best time for a surgical intervention, cosmetic procedures, planting of crops or executing ritual magic? Our own rhythm is to a large extent dependent on the phases of the Moon.
Here you have a calculator that shows the monthly phases of the Moon from 1900 through 2100. And, perhaps, you will discover recurring objective laws of your or your friend’s life or even maybe certain synchronicities in significant for the world events.
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