вторник, 9 ноември 2010 г.

How to elected politicians /NOTHING PERSONAL!/


The existing election scheme has proved its unfitness. That is why elections need to be held in a different manner, i.e. all who wish to be politicians should submit applications /with data about age, interests, etc. filled in/. All applications then are to be classified immediately, because it is those people that are incapable of anything and are therefore particularly dangerous and have to be watched. The rest of the population /about 60%/ are to fill in a form with a single question:* WHAT IS THE PRICE of your agreement to become a politician*/, the sum in dollars, euro or yuans….indicated personally. /You will be surprised, but about seven or eight people of ten million will not give a price. They would not agree to become politicians at any price!. They are, most probably, experts, bohemians, or simply mad. These seven or eight persons are what we need! But HOW are we then to choose the First among the first?! /Turn to the person closest to you and ask him: *Who would you not spend a weekend with?*. That’s him – number one! He has definitely no makings of a media star. But we do not need a winner in *Cosmos looks for talents!*. We need a man to do work - the work of a politician.

Как выбрать политика /НИЧЕГО ЛИЧНОГО/


Как да избираме политици!



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