сряда, 9 юни 2010 г.

If You Want To Make God Laugh

Tell him about your plans! I told him. I am not a fortune –teller, I don’t predict future on beans, I have no visions. I am a physicist. And I know that in everybody’s life there are periods of time, when the probability of death is higher. And I know that these periods can be calculated. And even more important – I know how this can be done. However, the cherry on the cake remains – to prove it. The publication of prognoses in my blogs is not the decision. I have a better idea how to verify my hypothesis – I will not share this idea. But for everybody, thinking that he has a better idea than mine (which I will not share) – please, welcome into the team! I know God has heard ideas and suggestions much more crazy. But in many cases crazy ideas and suggestions are those that have moved mankind by another millimeter forward – and death has retreated exactly by a millimeter backwards. Everything between me and death is personal. Very personal! And for millions of other people as well. This is a War. It has begun with the creation of the world already. And it has never ceased. Even if I am wrong, my mistake will help the next to conquer another millimeter of the territory of death. And this is worth the risk of making God laugh!



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