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2014 - Third World ?!

May probably come from the Cosmos

There is some talk in the public space that the Third World War is quite probable.
If considering the years of the big wars during the last century, the impression is created that in the most of the cases, during these periods Jupiter and Saturn have been either in coincidence or in opposition, and during the same periods, Mars has been for seven months at the place of Jupiter and Saturn transitioning (or in the next zodiacal sign). In the period 2011-2013, the alignment of Jupiter, Saturn and Mars will be similar. From similar coincidences no conclusions should be drawn. There is, however, another thing showing that in the most of the cases the years of wars coincide with the periods of an increased sun activity. The last maximum of the sun activity was in 2001. The next period of its maximum will be about 2011. Some months ago astronomers informed that the Sun is moving in a “strange manner”. What is going on with Helios? May be it gives signals of the forthcoming spectacular maximum? During the sun activity, the human body immunity against viruses is being decreased. The magnetic storms boil down the blood, thus the number of infarcts and insults is being increased and the psychic crises become more frequent. What could happened with our high-technological society, if something like “super sun explosion” occurs, followed by an extreme geo-magnetic storm? This could lead to satellites failures, communication interferences, electric power supply interruptions. The electric networks are now most vulnerable then ever before for being extremely inter-dependant.
The electric energy system failure may cause a lighting-like effect – until several hours the water supply may be affected, the perishable products may be lost for 24 hours, heating may be interrupted, water treatment - stopped, thus disorders may follow. Can you imagine cities with several million inhabitants to be left without electric power and water supply and without telephone communications for several months? The damages to the social and economic system (being in dire needs anyway), will be of the rank of a World War. For now, nobody knows when the next solar mega storm will explode. It may happen after one hundred years or after five years – in the period 2011 – 2014.

I do not say that it will happen, but only that is probable.
2014 - Third World ?!

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