неделя, 2 май 2010 г.


Every minute, all around the world, millions of individual battles happen between good and evil, with a changing success. But will a battle like this happen in a planetary scale? And if this happens, when will it happen? If the developed theory, according to which the time of death of each person can be calculated /see posting / The times in which you cannot die!/http://darkrunways.blogspot.com/2009/12/times-in-which-you-cannot-die_06.html, is confirmed, then this battle shall take place in the next decade. And after it the world will change. Like listening to the weather forecast now, in order to know whether we should take an umbrella tomorrow, we shall switch to ASTRO forecast in order to understand: when will be the most suitable moment to use our forces and our undertakings to be successful. When we are prone to diseases and which exactly we are prone to. Whether we are in a time when we can take risk without fear for our lives or we have to be exclusively careful because we are in a dark runways. This shall be a time when astronauts will not be sent to space when the danger for their lives is high. Road and air accidents, which end tragically, shall be brought to zero. We will be able to forecast the time for possible pandemics and natural disasters, including earthquakes. And when you can predict the bad, you will search for a way to prevent it. In other words – we shall have STAR forecast! This forecast in its basis shall be based on “the memory” for Space, which everyone of us records at the moment of our birth, but it will not be an astrological forecast! Astrologists have gathered useful and unique statistics, but they make a mistake – and that is that planets affect people. The human is one whole with Space, but in 90% the human is dependent on the closest star – the Sun. Planets just point directions and the rhythm of impact by Space. Their second mistake is that they have never had team work – and success can be only achieved on a wide front. The battle which is to come, shall be a battle of physicians, biologists, medics… journalists. The battle with Death! It is possible that everything said up to here to sound as fiction or just another absurdity. But when the pledge if big, even the weirdest should not be neglected. 

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