неделя, 6 декември 2009 г.

The times in which you cannot die!

You all have heard of stories of hopelessly ill people who doctors discharge from hospital, and they heal and live a long time. You know the expression ‘The wife of the ill man died. Can death be predicted? A question too discouragingly ancient. Te answer to it may appear surprising – the time for death may be calculated. This is not about biorhythms, astrology, not even about the site, in which you state your birth date and you receive an answer when it is most probably that you will part with your life on Earth, /and according to the site, this is in between your 75 and 85 anniversary/. But people die young and healthy, and others – though always ill, live to an old age. According to the developed method, in the life of each person there are periods of time – dark runways, when the possibility of death is increased. And though death, as well as birth, happen only once in a lifetime, there are several dark runways in the life of each person, and hey have no connection with the successful or unsuccessful periods. Some people part with life when they enter into the first dark runway. Others pass by unhurt through several such dark runways. Imagine each person as a marathon runner who, in the course of their life, has to run through a mine field. Some reach to its end and die of old age, others step on a mine on the first step. For the former, people say: ‘cannot be touched by a bullet’, or ‘born with a shirt’. What is it all about? About the innate foretaste of dangers or just pure luck? It is time for this to be known. According to the method, people are divided into several types, several groups which are exactly identified and though the calculations are based on birth dates, the zodiac sign is not a definitive characteristic. For each one of the groups, the algorithm of calculation of the times with increased danger for life is different. The problem is in the fact that there are 3-4% of the people who do not enter in any of the groups. A mistake in the data or something else? It is still not known. I do not wish to know round which corner death awaits me. But there are people who want to know when the danger of their life is increased. And they hope to go round this mine before their feet. And this is possible by prognostication of the times of dark runways. The paradox is that in between the dark runways are the times in which you cannot die!

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