петък, 25 декември 2009 г.


It’s Christmas. If you are in the middle of a loud and rich crowd right now, leave your champagne glass and go to the window. If you are with your family and you are neither very glad nor very sad, but rather worried about the day of tomorrow, get up and go to the window. If you are alone and it’s dark and hopeless around you, get up and go to the window. If you don’t have a window because you don’t have a house, and sleep under the open sky, just look up! Did you see it? This is her – the little match girl. She is here every year at this time. For hundred and sixty three years already. You know, I think she is eternal. Do you want to be eternal? I don’t. I don’t want to be afraid for an eternity whether tomorrow will be worse than today. I don’t want it to be dark and hopeless around me for an eternity, even less I desire to sleep under the open sky for an eternity. And she likes being eternal. And she probably has a good reason. Maybe, if I knew the meaning of everything around me and who needs the pain and the desperation and the little moments of joy, I would want to be eternal too. Probably she knows the meaning of all that and comes every year to tell us.


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