петък, 4 ноември 2011 г.

COFFE READING /virtually/

http://miranimashek.ucoz.ru/_ph/100/2/362578033.gif amazingly

First of all, let the coffee boil. /Click on заварить кофе. /The, click on the cup. Coffee smells nice, doesn’t it? Now, click on the empty cup and turn it around three times. /By clicking on it and moving the arrow to the left – up to three times! / Now, look at the picture at the bottom of the cup. And read it!

http://danalibmv.narod.ru/logos/s_00.gifThe picture at the bottom of the cup is your future.

http://danalibmv.narod.ru/logos/s_00.gifThe picture on the cup wall is your present.

http://danalibmv.narod.ru/logos/s_00.gifThe picture on the saucer is your past.

Will you have one more coffee?
(The text is in Russian. If this language is not familiar to you, the automatic translator could be of some help.)

Click on the picture to visit the coffee reading page.
Гадание на кофейной гуще


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