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June 2011 – Horoscopes, Moon Phases, Moon Void of Course, Forecast


Our existence depends to the largest extent on the Sun

The latest maximum of solar activity was in 2001. This year is also a period of more intensive solar activity. At such times, the immunity of the human organism against viruses weakens. Magnetic storms thicken blood, the number of heart attacks and strokes goes up, and mental fits occur more often. According to some statistics, babies of extraordinary abilities are born in years of solar activity. What would befall our high tech society this year if „a super solar eruption” broke out and was followed by an extreme geomagnetic storm? This would mean damaged satellites, disrupted communications, cut off power supply. Power supply systems would be more vulnerable than ever as they are extremely mutually dependent. Any loss of electricity would have a thunderous effect on our life. The truth is that nobody can say now when such a geomagnetic storm would break out. Maybe this year, maybe in the next years or in a hundred of years or tomorrow. Damages, however, would be identical with those after a new world war.

In June, the days around 7rd , 13th, 22th and 30th will be of higher tension. Within that period, it is likely that regional or global incidents intensify.
February is successful for people who have a birth Mars in Taurus and Gemini, and difficult for those who were born under the sign of Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Influence of the Moon

People noticed as early as in the remote past that the Moon has an effect on nature /high and low tides/ and the life and health of people, animals and vegetation.

PHASES OF THE MOON – A CALCULATOR for the period 1900-2100

http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c0/Lunar_libration_with_phase2.gif/200px-Lunar_libration_with_phase2.gifSince ancient times people have been aware that the Moon does not only affect the ebb and flow, but also influences humans, animals and plants. They believed that the full Moon made men strong, and the women affectionate, that a child conceived during a waxing moon will be a boy, and during a waning a girl. Centuries ago, the fishermen noticed that the catch of certain sorts of fish depended on the phases of the Moon. When is the best time for a surgical intervention, cosmetic procedures, planting of crops or executing ritual magic? Our own rhythm is to a large extent dependent on the phases of the Moon.
Here you have a calculator that shows the monthly phases of the Moon from 1900 through 2100. And, perhaps, you will discover recurring objective laws of your or your friend’s life or even maybe certain synchronicities in significant for the world events.
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New moon – The vital potential, emotions and physical efficiency of the man are at their minimum point. You are not advised to undertake any activities requiring personal effort. This phase is not good for people with low blood pressure and people prone to depression. It is a time to conclude old dealings and undertake new ones. It is a time to prepare for a new start.

First quarter – This is a period of strong desire to manifest oneself and achieve something important. What is planned in the first quarter may partially appear to be unfeasible because it is inherent in many of us to reassess our capabilities in that period, i.е. there is an element of hesitation.

Full moon – Everything is full of energy. Emotions, mental energy, or physical potentials are at their peak. This is a culmination point, when your plans reach come into completion. This period is critical for people with high blood pressure, suffering from epilepsy and exposed to causeless excitement.

Last quarter – This is a time for reconsideration of the achieved results and settlement of pressing issues carried over from the past. Regardless of any keen ambitions, this is a time to focus your attention on activities planned earlier and to avoid impulsive ideas.

Table /1/ gives the time when the respective moon phase begins, and also in which sign of the zodiac it is in.
02 June1:03New moonMoon in Gemini
09 June6:11First guarter Moon in Virgo
16 June0:14Full moonMoon in Sagittarius
23 June15:48Last guarter Moon in Aries


In general, this is a period of time when the Moon passes from one sign of the zodiac into another and appears to be between them - i.е., the Moon is outside the signs of the zodiac.

It is accepted in astrology that this is the time when we make great mistakes and often take wrong decisions. This a time rather unfavourable to sign documents or undertake significant activities, such as setting the beginning of a new project, marriage, health operations, etc. It is suitable for relaxation and everyday dealings which are not risky.

See Table /2/. The table gives the beginning and the end of the Moon void of course /in hours and minutes/, and also which sign of the zodiac the moon is in during that period.

05 June9:3305June19:039:30 Lео
13June21:4314June6:388:55 Sagittarius
21June0:2321June0:450:22 Pisces

calculator for the position of the planets

There are several schools in astrology. I suggest that you see this site.

  http://danalibmv.narod.ru/logos/s019.gif http://vip-goroskop.ru/2011/zodiac.html

The text is in Russian. If you do not understand this language, the automated translation could be of help to some extent.

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