сряда, 21 април 2010 г.


I want the time to go forward to the time of the New World Order /years 2024-2025/. Firstly, I will deal with bloggers. I was told that the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President Bush was a blogger. This definitely confirmed my opinion of bloggers. I won’t shut them down, I won’t forbid them. I will destroy them! I will order that every Friday, at 11.10, on all squares, one blogger will be hanged. One Friday it will be a blogger, the next Friday it will be a doctor, on the third Friday it will be a dentist. I hate dentists even more than bloggers! I have set my eye on some TV presenters. Moreover, all astrologists, clairvoyant, magicians, political scientists, sociologists, I will send them by a one-way-ticket to the North Pole to prognosticate the polar lights.
* If I become a politician, I will buy a ship. Several ships. More than several ships. And I will ride the seas with my Somalia comrades.
* I will talk with the Pope for the little green dwarfs.
* I will teach aliens some curled-up Bulgarian dialect.
To the moderators!
If I become a politician, please do delete my blog. I do not want to include you in the program FRIDAY – TEN AFTER ELEVEN





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