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2010 – the season of Libra and Virgo



In Europe they ask you – ‘What is your zodiac sign?’, and in Japan – ‘What is your blood type?’ To the greatest extent our life and health are dependable on the Sun. during 2010, the Sun will be in a period of high solar activity. And to a great extent our life and health will depend on its *behaviour* in the next years at its maximum. During solar activity, the immune system of organisms against viruses is decreased. In cases of magnetic storms, the number of infarctions and insultuses increases. And what would happen if something happens like a ‘super solar eruption’, followed by an extreme magnetic storm? The person is inextricably bound up with the Cosmos. Astrology is the most ancient experience of mankind to find the relations between itself and the Universe. For accounting the impact of Cosmos, planets from the Solar System serve as orientation in astrology. In 2010, Saturn will be in Libra, and in the period April-July it will be in Virgo. According to astrology, this presumes that the career of the representatives of these two signs shall be in its peak – for better or worse. This transit shall bring to them results from past actions – it is possible that it is a tremendous success, but it can be also a tremendous failure – in all cases this shall be a period of peaks. During this year, Jupiter shall be in Pisces, and in the period June-September it shall be in Aries – one more strongly positive transit that shall support the representatives of these two signs. In 2010, Uranus shall remain in Pisces, and in the period July-August it shall be in Aries, a transit that presupposes an exquisite period in the life of the representatives of the signs Virgo and Libra. Up to the month of May this year, Mars shall be in Leo. And if the people born under Virgo and Libra have birthdays in Leo – they just must not miss their chances. Now is the moment for action and victory!
This doesn’t mean that in 2010 the people of Virgo and Libra won’t die, won’t get ill or remain unemployed. It doesn’t mean that the representatives of other zodiac signs will not achieve tremendous success. This only means that the representatives of Virgo and Libra shall be favoured with powerful positive impulses from the Cosmos. Saturn shall remain in Virgo up to October, 2012. And it depends entirely on *Virgos* whether they shall take maximum advantage of this. May be also from their blood type.

С нами Путин и Христос

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